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Scope Of APN Practice

Integrating the APNs (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) role to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Advanced Nurse Practitioner role In this 1 hour talk, Dr Judith Kutzleb,  Assistant Professor, Adult Gerontology MSN Program, FDU and Primary Care Provider, Excellent Physicians Network talks about the future of APNs (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) Role and how to improve clinical outcomes. 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 credit


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How to start your own Practice: an APN Perspective

In this 90 minutes presentation, Melanie Balestra  President of the American Association of Nurse Attorneys and the only practicing Nurse Practitioner licensed to practice law before the U.S Supreme Court  talks about "How to Start Your Own Practice " -legal details of an APN opening her own office.  1.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit


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NP problems arise when nurse practitioners have done every practice under doctors which leads to increase cost and time.

Five Most Common Nurse Practitioner (NP) issues

Although there are many facts of nursing and varying educational requirements, nurse practitioner isssues similar across the nation. Nurse practitioner have voiced overall satisfaction with benefits, job difficulty, and professional autonomy. 2 What they are dissatisfied with are the significant variations in role requirements from facility to facility. Twenty-seven percent nurse practitioner have expressed low satisfaction with their current job due to these poorly defined roles. 2 The five m..


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Collaborative Practice Agreement & the APN

In this 2 hour presentation, Prof Dolan, USA, Baldwin campus and President Elect of The American Association of Nurse Practitioners talks in details about the CPA ( Collaborative Practice Agreement) and the role of APNs and more importantly, how this impacts the clinical practice-all from an APN standpoint. 2.0 AMA PRA Category 1 credit  


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Five Future Possibilities for Nurse Practitioners

  Nationwide, healthcare has undergone some major changes over the past 10 years, and further dramatic changes are anticipated over the next 10 years. Policymakers predict nurse practitioners will work as independent primary caregivers who perform comprehensive examinations that span the life of the patient. Although NPs can currently prescribe medications, only 20 states allow them to practice independently. [2] Despite a growing physician shortage, medical doctors are encouraging ..


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History of Nurse Practitioners in US at Medzel.

The History of Nurse Practitioners

The History of Nurse Practitioners accros all over the world. The History of Nurse Practitioners describes some past common issues as well as benefits in US.  Today’s Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are highly educated clinicians who diagnose and treat health conditions with an emphasis on health management and disease prevention. There are over 222,000 licensed Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in the United States and approximately 20,000 new Nurse Practitioners (NPs) graduate each year. Nurse Practitione..


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